If Only Obama Could Leave with Holder

It happens a lot in the second term: people leave administrations and go back to private life.  We remember when Karl Rove moved on and left Pres. Bush in year six of his two terms. Yes, second-term presidents have problems and do not always enjoy the end of their administrations.  However, I continue to say that President Obama will soon hate this job as much as Pres. Buchanan did before the arrival of Abraham Lincoln. My guess is that Pres. Obama wishes he could leave town, too.  It will be very lonely in Washington, D.C. now that AG Holder is leaving and a GOP Senate is likely coming in. The Obama-Holder relationship is very close, as George E Condon reports: Eric Holder, who is stepping down as attorney general, has been more than just an appointee. There was never any question that Obama was the boss. But Holder always was able to speak up to the president; he was someone the boss was comfortable having around him. In part, that kinship came...(Read Full Post)