Honesty, Common Sense, and A Sound Mind

After over six years of the Obama presidency, the scales are finally falling off the eyes of some liberals. I am shocked to hear liberals saying the same things about President Obama as conservatives (including me) have been saying since 2007 when he first announced his candidacy. What took so long? It is as though liberals have been intoxicated for years and have just sobered up. I am encountering liberals describing President Obama as a Muslim sympathizer, incompetent, weak, indecisive, and inexperienced. All of this was obvious during his campaign for anyone that did an honest examination of the candidate. I was recently discussing current events with a black American man. He told me that he admits voting for Obama; however he has just realized that the Democrats have ruined the country. I asked him what made him think (in 2008) that Democrats were good for America. He responded by claiming that the choice between Republicans and Democrats was a toss-up between two evils. I asked...(Read Full Post)