Holder Issues Fatwa

The Grand Mufti of the Department of Social Justice (aka, DOJ) has issued a fatwa prohibiting states from using zoning laws to deny building permits for Islamic “culture centers” -- Mosques with “youth centers.” … as a grand jury investigates another Minneapolis mosque for radicalizing recruits for ISIL, the Justice Department is suing local officials for blocking a new extremist mosque in the area. Attorney General Eric Holder sued St. Anthony, Minn., after the Minneapolis suburb rejected the Abu Huraira Islamic Center and its 15,000-square-foot mosque over zoning issues. The mosque website openly endorses jihad. Its website says that Muslims are instructed to fight and take "captives" in "warfare" and says it will "condone violence." Further, the mosque is to be modeled after the nearby Dar Al-Farooq mosque and its youth center, which is being investigated for the radicalization and recruitment of as many as...(Read Full Post)