Firefighters suspended for displaying American flag stickers

One of the lasting legacies of Barack Obama will be this notion that behaviior or symbols cannot be tolerated if they offend one, single person. Unless, of course, your symbol or your behavior is connected to one of the protected classes. Ergo, you can't wear an American flag in many high schools, but proudly displaying the Mexican flag is permitted. Or, a soldier's uniform might offend someone, so you can't wear it to school. This is the most insidious kind of political correctness because it is, at bottom, giving in to fear. The fear of offending someone should never trump First Amendment protections of freedom of expression. But that's just what happened to firefighters in Maywood, IL. The men wore American flag stickers on their shirts and put them on their lockers at the firehouse. But their commander, who had banned stickers of all kinds, ruled arbitrarily that the firefighters should be sent home. NBC 5: Four suburban Chicago firefighters say they...(Read Full Post)