Citigroup funding left wing immigrant voter registration drive

Citigroup has figured out where its bread is buttered, and has signed on to the agenda to engineer an electorate that will keep the Democrats in power permanently, as Ed Lasky explained earlier this week. The Illinois Review (and almost nobody else in the media) reveals:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has announced that Chicago will join New York and Los Angeles in a corporate-funded push to try to get more immigrants to become voting U.S. citizens.

The Cities for Citizenship initiative is getting a $1.1 million contribution from Citigroup to help pay for the program, which will be coordinated by two left-wing nonprofits — The Center for Popular Democracy and the National Partnership for New Americans.

According to a press release from Emanuel's office, the broader aim of the initiative is to encourage other across the country to invest in similar programs.

The Illinois Democratic Party celebrated the news, communicating it via their website.

Remember the days when fat cat bankers were presumed to be Republicans? It’s a whole new era, in which crony capitalism rules, and big government stands ready to bail out the giant banks.  Big government and big banks are brother and sister now, and only those crude tea partiers really bother to object.

If you do business with Citi, keep in mind whom you are supporting (and giving your financial data to).

Hat tip: Ed Lasky