A video reminder of why Eric Holder is the worst AG in history

Mary Katherine Ham at Hot Air posts a vide from the Washington Free Beacon that documents many of the low points of Eric Holder's career as attorney general.

Has the ever been a more partisan, more racially polarizing, more oblivious attorney general? Besides being an incompetent manager, long time attorneys with the Justice Department are aghast at Holder's tactics and decisions.

This is what we'll be missing with Holder gone:

Ham also reports on the news that Al Sharpton is helping choose Holder's sucessor:

Sharpton’s he’s long been a good soldier for the Obama White House with a sometimes frustrated black community, telling them to be patient and tamping down the occasional outburst from high-profile sometime critics like Tavis Smiley. It’s lamentable that the media and the Left have given the man who brought us the Tawana Brawley and Freddie’s Fashion Mart tragedies a giant pass and a giant pulpit, and it’s absurd that a man with that record probably is conferring in some capacity with Obama over his pick. It certainly signals that neither Holder nor the next Attorney General are meant to be “not political,” as Chuck Todd dubbed Holder. But here’s the thing. How, even with Sharpton’s advice, could Obama pick someone more polarizing, political and provocative than Eric Holder? I should probably knock on wood.

With Sharpton's seal of approval on the next AG nominee, what could go wrong?

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