A Little 'Scottish Fever' in Europe?

We are all following the Scottish independence movement.  It's interesting and a pleasant distraction to some of the issues on the table. After all, no one is getting killed in Scotland and the U.S. can watch this one from the bleachers.    There are concerns about this independence movement moving beyond Scotland into places like Spain, where there are already secessionist attitudes in Catalonia.   The concerns are real, as we read from Danny Kemp: "The prospect of Scottish independence is raising fears in Europe that it could inflame other separatist movements at a time when the continent's unity and even its borders are under threat, analysts say.   While nationalists from Catalonia to Flanders will watch Scotland's referendum with hope, Brussels is nervous about the possibility of a major European Union member like Britain falling apart.   The fear of contagion spreads as far as the EU's eastern frontier,...(Read Full Post)