Vulnerable Senate Dems wonder: Where's Michelle?

Senate Democrats fighting for their political lives are openly expressing displeasure at the first lady for not doing more to help them. The president's numbers may be in the toilet, but Mrs. Obama is considered one of the most admired women in America  and is generally well liked by the American people. And, of course, she could be a gold mine for fundraising if she left the White House to campaign for Democratic Senators. But, so far, she is frustrating them. The Hill: Senate Democrats up for reelection in November are frustrated that First Lady Michelle Obama is not doing more to help them hold on to their seats. With the exception of her husband, there are few figures in the Democratic Party who boast the kind of magnetism Obama possesses. Democrats have been publicly complaining about Obama for weeks, but their criticism and the media's spotlight on it hasn't changed her schedule. The election is now only 71 days away.  Her charisma...(Read Full Post)