Viral pic of Obama dancing while Ferguson burned removed by photographer

A picture of President Obama dancing at a party in Martha's Vineyard at the exact moment that police and protestors were confronting each other in Ferguson, MO has been deleted from the photographer's Instagram account.

The photographer, Elizabeth Cecil, removed the photos without explanation. But the Washington Times has a pretty good reason. Twitter exploded about the photos with many making the comment that it was inappropriate for the president to be dancing while they were rioting in Ferguson.

A Martha’s Vineyard photographer quietly deleted photographs of President Obama dancing during a birthday celebration on the island for Ann Jordan.

Editorial and fine art photographer Elizabeth Cecil posted two photos on her Instagram account that showed the president dancing and toasting Mrs. Jordan at the Farm Neck Golf Club, Breitbart News reported.

The party, which was closed to the press, included about 150 guests, including former President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary.

“The Obamas danced nearly every song. A good time was had by all,” deputy press secretary Eric Schultz said in a statement.

Some critics questioned Mr. Obama for the optics of a jovial president dancing the night away as police and protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, exchange tear gas and Molotov cocktails.

“While a black community was under militarized siege last night, Obama was dancing around at Farm Neck Golf Club. #Ferguson #HandsUpDontShoot,” tweeted Prison Planet Editor Paul Joseph Watson.

“Bush flew over New Orleans post-Katrina… Obama dancing through Ferguson,” tweeted @PhillyTheBoss.

“I don’t normally Tweet about politics but what the [expletive] is Obama doing about Ferguson? All I’ve seen is him dancing at a party & golfing,” tweeted @JoeskiBroski.

Carol Budoff Brown of Politico feels sorry for Mr. Obama. The poor guy can't even get in a round of golf without the world exploding:

The president’s plan to snag two weeks off in Martha’s Vineyard has been an utter failure, marking his worst attempt at relaxation since the Detroit underwear bomber consumed his 2009 Christmas holiday in Hawaii.

On the eve of his departure late last week, Obama authorized airstrikes in Iraq to beat back Islamist militants from committing genocide. Then as he wrapped up his first round of golf on the Massachusetts island Saturday night, The Atlantic interview with Hillary Clinton hit the Web, sparking days of speculation about the fraying Clinton-Obama relationship.

The White House thought it might get beyond the frenzy du jour on Wednesday night when it released much-anticipated details of their interaction at a birthday party — they toasted the guest of honor and even sat close to each other!

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But by midnight, as protests over a fatal police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, spun out of control, a White House spokesman posted on Twitter that Obama had been briefed on the situation. And early Thursday afternoon, Obama was back in front of the cameras, delivering his fourth statement on chaotic world events since his vacation began.

Obama “appears to be on the vacation from hell,” quipped CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin moments before Obama pleaded for peace and calm in Ferguson.

Where's the world's smallest violin when you need it?



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