It would be nice if people would stay silent about Ferguson

Like the Zimmerman case, there are too many people jumping to conclusions about the killing of a young man in Missouri.   Of course, we feel terrible about the loss of a youth, but let's not review the movie before we've actually seen it.

Yesterday, President Obama discussed the issue after making a statement about Iraq

"Appearing before reporters at a school in Martha's Vineyard, where he has been vacationing, Obama sought to strike a balance to calm tensions in the St. Louis suburb, while also promising a thorough investigation into the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown last Saturday.  

"Now is the time for healing," said Obama, dressed in a navy blazer and checkered dress shirt without a tie. "Now is the time for peace and calm on the streets of Ferguson. Now is the time for an open and transparent process to see that justice is done."   His remarks came after another night of violence in the Ferguson community Wednesday. Police fired tear gas at protesters and two reporters, including one from The Washington Post, were arrested while covering the events."

Let me say a couple of things about President Obama's statement:

1) It was cautious and he did call for "healing." That's good.

2) It was unnecessary and out of place for a president.  That's bad.

President Obama should stay out of these discussions and say the old line that he can't comment because of "an investigation underway."  It does not help the situation as we heard today from the Director of the Fraternal Order of Police.   

We need silence from our elected leaders at times like these.  There are already enough people screaming.

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