The beatification of Michael Brown

It is essential to the Democrats’ hopes for a strong black turnout in November that the manufactured narrative of evil white cops assassinating an innocent black teenager be maintained.  As Richard Baehr noted to me, “…after the video appeared of the robbery and theft, a new narrative was needed for Michael Brown. It is not only the robbery/ assault/in the store, but the reports of violence to the officer (damaged eye socket), and admission by Brown's team that he was in an altercation with officer in the car, that has impacted public opinion that he was a choirboy.” The New York Times, the semi-official Democratic Party organ, stepped up and does the job today, with this article by John Eligon: Michael Brown Spent Last Weeks Grappling With Problems and Promise  FERGUSON, Mo. — It was 1 a.m. and Michael Brown Jr. called his father, his voice trembling. He had seen something overpowering. In the thick gray clouds that lingered...(Read Full Post)