Obama's disconcerting speech to the American Legion

Yesterday, as I was battling the flu and resting up, I happened to switch in the TV and saw Barack Obama speaking to the American Legion convention in Charlotte. Since I was already nauseated, there seemed to be little downside in watching the Commander-in-Chief addressing veterans. But the speech and its response soon left me feeling even more uncomfortable than I had been. (video below) Obama himself seemed completely disconnected, as if he were doing this speech because he had to, because his staff told him that he had blown off the Legionnaires too often sending Biden or videotaped remarks the past few years, and now that the VA scandal was in the news, it would look terrible for him not to show up in Charlotte. Going through the motions, but without any conviction or heart. And the Legionnaires responded in kind. There was no outright booing, but there was also no response, or even worse, a smattering of applause in response to obvious applause lines, which soon went flat...(Read Full Post)