McConnel, Grimes trade insults at picnic

A big day in Kentucky politics yesterday as the 134th annual Fancy Farm Picnic was held, featuring candidates from both parties vying to deliver the best insults and one liners. It's pretty much a wide open affair with the crowd hurling insults back at the candidates which can make the event seem like a free for all at times. All in good fun, of course. CNN: Kentucky's two U.S. Senate candidates traded pithy barbs Saturday at a dual campaign stop in the midst of a race with national implications. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his opponent, Democrat Alison Grimes, appeared in western Kentucky's Fancy Farm Picnic, where they each criticized the experience level of the other candidate. "Thirty-five is my age - that's also Senator McConnell's approval rating," Grimes quipped. Polling from earlier this year indicated McConnell's approval rating was in the low 30s. And Grimes gave McConnell grief for serving in...(Read Full Post)