Lois Lerner's 'pillow talk' about conservative 'crazies'

As covered by Rick Moran, Lois Lerner called conservatives “crazies” and “a**holes” in assorted emails. Those who are familiar with Washington’s ruling class mentality will find no shock value in this. After all, President Obama and various Democrats have used the pejorative term “teabaggers” when referring to constitutional conservatives. Now comes news from The Washington Post that these emails from Lois Lerner were merely with hubby Michael Miles, a partner at the DC powerhouse law firm Sutherland Asbill & Brennan. Washington being really just a small town with small-town values of love and romance, Miles was formerly at the IRS in the chief counsel’s office. The Washington Post goes out of its way to do Democrats’ bidding to ensure that nobody has the wrong impression that Lerner was communicating such sentiments in her officious capacity: Lerner’s remarks would be troubling if she sent them to...(Read Full Post)