Laying a Brave Officer to Rest

I’ve written multiple articles here at American Thinker questioning the militarization of our local police forces that have mostly met with agreement from those commenting. Something’s not quite right with the way America’s police departments are interacting with the folks in the communities they police. I say mostly with agreement because those opinions have generated some angry rebuttals from the law enforcement community that all seem to agree, “I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.”

Well, let’s put all that aside for the moment to honor a fallen Oklahoma City police officer killed in the line of duty last week. Officer K-9 Kye responded to a burglary call with his handler, Sergeant Ryan Stark. Apparently the burglar was armed with a knife and when Officer Kye engaged him, the criminal thug stabbed officer Kye inflicting a fatal wound. Sgt. Stark responded in what I believe most of America will agree was a justifiable response and sent that cop-killer burglar to Hell with his sidearm.

The response of the Oklahoma City Police Department to Officer Kye’s death is in a series of funeral photos posted at the Washington Times. Some of you may consider the ceremony a bit overdone considering Officer Kye’s canine status. I find it altogether proper and fitting. My condolences to Officer Kye’s fellow officers, especially to Sergeant Stark and his family, who were Officer Kye’s family as well.

Brave Officer Kye, R.I.P.

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