Hey Obama -- Here's an ISIS Strategy For You

President Obama has announced that his crackerjack administration does not have a strategy to address the ISIS terror organization.  Apparently, the only thing Obama is well-prepared to address sits on the top of a tee.  Well, I have some cogent thoughts on the matter.

Let's examine the political philosophy of ISIS.  It is a super-religious organization.  They are very intolerant of atheists and other cultures.  They hate Obama.  They despise gays, lesbians, transvestites, and basically anyone in the LBGT community.  They take pleasure in chopping the heads off of media folks.  Now we learn that they are against the legalization of marijuana!  On Thursday, they videoed themselves destroying a cannabis field in Syria.

Why, in the eyes of an average Huffington Post reader, these people ISIS folks could belong to the dreaded TEEEE PARTY!!  Obama's Department of Homeland Security has already characterized the Tea Party and other conservatives as potential terrorists.  We are not at war with ISIS according to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.  But the White House is at war with conservatives.

All that is needed is to airdrop Lois Lerner and an IRS special ops team into Syria to root out and destroy the "assholes", as she has characterized conservatives.  A second wave of teams from the DOJ, NEA, and EPA should then be deployed.  Finally, a mop-up operation consisting of Common Core advocates in the Department of Education should be initiated to provide re-education of ISIS terrorists to liberal political correctness.

In other words, Obama's strategy should be to marshal all of the government resources he has been using to crush conservatives, seniors, veterans, and the middle class, and redirect their malevolent energy toward ISIS.  I say we spare no one in this campaign and fight to the last government bureaucrat.

Andrew Thomas blogs at  http://darkangelpolitics.com