'Disconnected' Obama dragging Dems to defeat

The real world consequences of having a president who is disconnected from events and his office are falling heavily on Democratic candidates for office in 2014. The narrative - helped by a president who doesn't care what people think about his golfing and vacationing - is dragging several candidates to a likely defeat as the public refuses to give the president any credit for a glacially improving economy. That, and the puiblic giving the president low marks for easing racial tensions, foreign policy, and Obamacare, combine to make it difficult for Democrats to overcome. Chris Cillizza: The question for Obama and the Democratic candidates and consultants whose fate at the ballot box in November is inextricably linked to his is what, if anything, can be done to turn around this story line of a president increasingly unable — or unwilling — to steer the country (and the world) in the direction he wants it to go. J.B. Poersch, a former executive director...(Read Full Post)