Are you ready for Narco Subs?

Are you ready for a cartel that makes its own submarines to bring their inventory to the US?  We are close to that reality, as Fausta Wertz reported a few days ago: "Prensa Libre reports that a gang that manufactures and operates submarines has been nabbed. They worked for the Úsuga clan. The subs are used for transporting cocaine to Honduras, the U.S., and Europe. It'll be interesting to see what information comes about from the seizure of the shipyard; their subs could carry a crew of four, and seven tons of drugs." We don't know for sure how many of these submarines are in operation or whether they can evade our sonars..  We do know that the cartels have the cash and it would not surprise me if they invested their profits making submarines to reach the US coast lines.  In fact, this is why I'm so concerned about the lawlessness in Central America.  These small countries would be exactly the place where you can build...(Read Full Post)