Abercrombie gets his Comeuppance

As the first to expose the numerous prevarications Neal Abercrombie told about his relationship with our president’s mother and father,  I can’t help but feel a sense of schadenfreude after his loss in the Hawaiian Democrat primary for governor. The bigger story, though, is that the soon-to-be former governor of Hawaii was a willing participant in a conspiracy to commit fraud.  The Obama camp recruited him to attest to the truthfulness of Obama’s fictional autobiography, Dreams From My Father, a work most assuredly written by Bill Ayres (hat tip Jack Cashill). In large part the fraudulent story of Dreams garnered Obama the presidency.  I believe that the Democrat nomination for governor (and in a “blue state” such as Hawaii a guaranteed win) was Abercrombie’s reward for a “job well done.” The elites in the mainstream media, notably David Remnick and David Maraniss, like cub reporters never questioned the validity...(Read Full Post)