Abercrombie gets his Comeuppance

As the first to expose the numerous prevarications Neal Abercrombie told about his relationship with our president’s mother and father,  I can’t help but feel a sense of schadenfreude after his loss in the Hawaiian Democrat primary for governor.

The bigger story, though, is that the soon-to-be former governor of Hawaii was a willing participant in a conspiracy to commit fraud.  The Obama camp recruited him to attest to the truthfulness of Obama’s fictional autobiography, Dreams From My Father, a work most assuredly written by Bill Ayres (hat tip Jack Cashill).

In large part the fraudulent story of Dreams garnered Obama the presidency.  I believe that the Democrat nomination for governor (and in a “blue state” such as Hawaii a guaranteed win) was Abercrombie’s reward for a “job well done.”

The elites in the mainstream media, notably David Remnick and David Maraniss, like cub reporters never questioned the validity of any of Abercrombie’s statements. Both had ample information to do just that.  Remnick twisted the story of the separation of Obama’s parents so artfully that Abercrombie’s lies remained untouched.  David Maraniss, exposed 38 lies in Dreams (hat tip Ben Smith), but never once questioned anything Abercrombie had to say.

It is apparent that the “commoners” who voted Abercrombie out of office had more insight into Abercrombie than the uber elites of New York and Washington.  They saw through the blowhard and kicked him out of office.


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