WaPo's Great Discovery -- U.S. Favors Israel!

The Washington Post runs a front-page article in its July 24 editions about how U.S.-Israeli ties might affect negotiations for a cease-fire in Gaza. (“In U.S.-Israel ties, a mixed blessing -- Kerry seeks cease-fire, but Gazans question America’s neutrality -- Gazans doubt U.S. intent” by Sudarsan Baghavan and William Booth)

The article warns how U.S. support of Israel may impede efforts to halt the Gaza fighting. Or as the Post’s correspondents put it: “As Secretary of State John Kerry presses for a lasting cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, those close bonds could prove to be both a curse and a blessing. Either way, they are reviving questions about whether the United States can be an honest broker for peace.”

The article goes on to dwell at length on Hamas and Islamic Jihad unhappiness with the U.S. favoring Israel -- “To the Palestinians militants, the United States is often seen as equally responsible for the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip and mounting Palestinian casualties because much of Israel’s firepower is American-made.”

Well, what do you know, as the Post would have it, there should instead be perfect “neutrality” between the U.S. and Palestinian terrorist organizations. Otherwise, the U.S. role of honest broker breaks down.

I suppose if the same Post mentality prevailed during World War II, readers would have been told that U.S. support of the Allies could prove to be a “curse” and a grave obstacle blocking any U.S. role as “honest broker” between the Germans and the Allies.

This is, of course, mindless. Meshugah, one might add. And on the front page yet.

Leo Rennert is a former White House correspondent and Washington bureau chief of McClatchy