The Tea Party's Alamo?

The oddest headline reaction to the Cochran win in Mississippi was on a story in The Hill: “The Tea Party’s Alamo?

It came from a statement by Steve LaTourette, “former Ohio Republican congressman who is currently president of Main Street PAC, a group seeking to elect moderate, compromise-minded Republicans,” who said:

We did consider [the Mississippi Senate race] to be sort of the Alamo, and we knew if we were successful down here that the narrative would be a lot better heading into the fall and 2016.

The Main Street Partnership is a supposed Republican organization that seems to be funded mostly by Democrats.  (Its own websites are silent on the identities of its supporters.)

The oddity of LaTourette’s image is that the Texans lost at the Alamo, but used the time and inspiration gained by the defeat to come back and beat Santa Ana at San Jacinto in a battle that lasted for only 18 minutes.

The Tea Party lost in Mississippi, and they would certainly be delighted if this  turns out to be the prelude to smashing future victories.

So why is LaTourette claiming to be the spiritual heir of Santa Ana?  Perhaps too much victory champagne, and a case of in vino, veritas.

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