Obama has got to be kidding

He actually said this: the system “is so broken” that “folks don’t know what the rules are."

He was referring to the children’s crusade on our borders that has caused chaos as tens of thousands of people try to illegally enter America - a crisis he has created by lax, or no-enforcement, of our immigration laws and by issuing executive orders that basically re-created the Dream Act - a law that could not pass Congress.

But the statement was just stunning in its disingenuousness and yet another example of the most hypocritical president in American history.

Does anyone know what the rules of Obamacare are on any given day? He has delayed numerous mandates of the law as it was passed; issued waivers for favored groups; decided not to enforce various aspects of ObamaCare. His namesake law is what he decides it to be that particular day (often depending on the polls and the midterms). There have been at least 41 changes to ObamaCare so far and more to come no doubt. The actual law was passed by using a controversial maneuver never used before in that way (reconciliation)..

But why stop there?

Barack Obama openly boasts he intends to circumvent Congress by use of executive orders, signing statements, recess appointments and the like. These are extraordinary methods that have been abused by this president. And that is why the Supreme Court has increasingly come to reject his tactics and his cavalier approach toward laws (i.e., rules established by our system).

One could go on and on about the systems he has broken on his way to “fundamentally transform America." Our systems of alliances sare damaged. Can friends trust us anymore? Those folks don’t know what the rules are. Allies like Poland and the Czech Republic, England, the Ukraine, Israel - the list of friends who don’t know what the rules are is ever going. 

Americans have no idea what Obama’s proxies in the EPA, Department of Justice, and the IRS are going to do to them. The IRS was not supposed to release private tax records - that was a rule - but it was broken by Obama allies. It's the law that the IRS was never supposed to engage in partisan and predatory hunting of conservatives to restrict their First Amendment rights. The filibuster was an age-old custom that was meant to protect minority political parties in the Senate and moderate overreach. But Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid, abolished that rule. The Senate system is clearly broken, too.

So it is certainly true that we can relate to Obama’s complaint that “folks don’t know what the rules are." But we Americans are the ones who should complain that he and his liberal allies are the ones breaking the systems and creating anarchy.

The hypocrisy of Obama is only matched by the gullibility of the people who still support him.

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