The President Is Just Getting Started

Even as president-elect Obama in 2008 was forming what seemed to be a centrist cabinet, the far left cleaved to the theory that Obama was a stealth leftist radical whose real agenda was their dream agenda: redress the income inequalities of the capitalist system, empower women and minorities, cripple the fossil fuel industry, and open borders and subordination of American sovereignty to the UN.

Leftists like former Weatherman Mark Rudd, pal of Tom Hayden (Hanoi Jane’s mentor) and Bill Ayers former Weather Underground bomber and sometime mentor of Obama, cleaved to the theory that Obama would “feint right move left.” The president was a “genius” since he understood that the public and congress were not ready to embrace the leftist agenda and that initially he would take small steps (the nudge strategy of Cass Sunstein) but then move into full gear after gaining momentum. Obama’s centrist appointments were “… but a ‘smokescreen’ as he co-opts the moderate center and veers to the Left.”

This Obama-the-genius-stealth-radical-leftist thesis was generally derided by columnists on the left and right. The Associated Press published an article depicting the president merely as “a pragmatist within the Democratic Party mainstream.” Ezra Klein of the Washington Post cast Obama as no more radical than “a moderate Republican of the early 1990s.” Ronald Radosh of PJ Media impugned anyone who bought into the stealth radical thesis as delusional.

Fast forward to 2014. President Obama is implementing his leftist policies and punishing his detractors like a Soviet dictator. In short Obama is going Soviet, as explained by analyst Brian Preston. The leftist dream agenda of open borders, green energy, income redistribution, and transference of US sovereignty to the UN is now being implemented without consent of Congress.

The president, as Mr. Preston concludes, “is just getting started.”

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