The Left Lauds Beck's Border Trip to Help the Children

Celebrity conservative Glenn Beck is heading to the Texas border this Saturday.  He’ll be accompanied by rabbis, pastors, and politicians.  On Monday, Beck told Fox News host Bill O’Reilly the $1.8 million in donations his Mercury One Fund took in will be used to stock church pantries and soup kitchens “for quite some time.”

The controversial media entrepreneur has been sounding the trumpet the last few weeks, urging his audience members to think about the children.  Beck believes that Americans “have a personal responsibility for mercy … we all love the children and we all have a responsibility.”

Beck’s appeal on children’s behalf has endeared him to left-wing writers at sites like Daily Kos, MSNBC, and Mediaite.  Progressives have always seen kids as an effective way to "broaden the base for change.”  Never mind that most of the illegals flooding the Southwest are adults; one NBC report showing a little girl like “Amy” is all it takes to convince Mr. Beck to forget the exploitation and start preaching.

Beck’s campaign has been so successful that his Mercury One fund is getting a boost from liberal online donors who are urging each other, in Beck’s words, to “open their hearts” and send money.  One Daily Kos writer mined a little gold from Beck's public support of the illegal minors by bashing the “American Right,” many of whom have voiced their opposition.

From Daily Kos:

Beck should have known this would happen. His fans see immigrants as pests, vermin—they aren’t human like you and I—they are brown and speak Spanish...they don't deserve food or shelter because that will just make them come back for more like the rats they are.

Beck essentially agreed with the Daily Kos blogger.  In addressing his conservative critics, Beck stated, “I will play no role in hatred and revenge.”  Later, when asked by O’Reilly whether threats were “coming from the far right,” Beck said, “yes…if you go online and you do a search or you read even my Facebook, you will see that there is a lot of people that are very upset because they think I'm going to be encouraging people.”

With so-called conservatives like Beck, who needs Eric Holder calling us extremists and homegrown domestic terrorists?

But in fairness to him, Beck has always aspired to be a Gandhi-esque bridge between the left and the right, and the summer surge of illegals has lit a fire under him to do just that.  Beck gushed over his generous listeners, urging them to follow his conscience and be good Samaritans.

From The Blaze:

I love this audience. I love my viewers. They are the best people I believe ever gathered together as an audience.

They are a group of people that understand that America is not a place. America is a state of mind.

Does Beck understand this kind of open-ended globalist rhetoric is the reason we have upwards of 20 million illegals already here and hundreds of thousands on the way?

Beck’s call for Christian “mercy” and money to help the illegals must be a dream come true for his nemesis, New-Age globalist George Soros.  The billionaire has been funding pro-illegal immigration groups for decades, including ones with religious affiliations.

The Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc (CLINIC), established by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in 1988, has received over $500,000 from Soros’s Open Society Institute.

The USCCB issued a pastoral letter regarding its position on immigration:

… the Church recognizes that all goods of the earth belong to all people. When persons cannot find employment in their country of origin to support themselves and their families, they have a right to find work elsewhere in order to survive. Sovereign nations should provide ways to accommodate this right.

And now Beck will distribute nearly $2 million in aid directly to the same church systems that have been a major player in creating this invasion.  Taking the evangelical road is pretty perilous in a country where faith-based organizations have raked in billions to advance socialist causes.  Beck’s personal gospel seems to be the Gospel of Necessity – the illegals need us, so fork over the dough.  “The churches reached out and said, ‘Help us, please. Somebody help us. We’re overwhelmed.’”

After decades of lobbying Congress for blanket amnesty and less restrictive illegal immigration policies, it’s no wonder church systems are overwhelmed.  They are finding out firsthand the cost of providing moral cover for people like Soros.

According to a Christian Science Monitor report, the number of unaccompanied illegal minors crossing the border in 2011 was 6,560.  In 2012, the number jumped to 13,625, and they estimate 80,000 more at the end of the fiscal year 2014.

Welcome to America as “a state of mind,” Mr. Beck.

If some conservatives are critical of Beck, they have a right to be.  Not only has he allowed his name to be associated with the progressives’ war on America via open borders, but his bellowing monologues have incited even more bashing from the left – as if having the IRS and Eric Holder attack us isn’t enough.

To top it off, his preaching veers straight into collectivist territory.  “We all have a role to play,” he said.  “It’s evil all the way around what’s happening to the children,” and it is “un-Christian and un-American” of us not to take care of their basic needs, according to Beck.  We must take “personal responsibility,” and “it’s our job to show mercy.”

Hundreds and hundreds of non-profits, churches, and government agencies have heaped more mercy on illegal immigrants in the last 50 years than any other group in the United States.  How has that helped?

We are seeing the endgame of this spiritual totalitarianism now.  Do-gooder entrepreneurs like Beck still don’t get it.