The politics of immigration have shifted

For years, the discussion of immigration reform has been about legalizing the young man working on your roof or the young woman who cleans your home.  It was based on a lot of emotion and goodwill.  It is the reason that so many people favored some kind of legalization in public opinion polls. For the record, I've favored a modest immigration plan that puts some people on a path to legalization not citizenship.  Plus, a plan to give some kids raised here a chance to stay here.    The "kids on the border" crisis, and it is a crisis, has turned public opinion around.  You can forget any immigration reform for now.  I am off the bus when it comes to any plan that legalizes anybody until someone can assure me that the US-Mexico border is secure. More and more, people are watching the consequences of not enforcing the law and communication a vague message to parents in Central America.  Ironically, President...(Read Full Post)