Someone Needs to be Asking Questions

If I were a federal law enforcement officer, suiting up in riot gear and preparing to violently turn back Murrieta protesters who don’t want illegal immigrants warehoused in their community, I would be asking myself some questions. 

To begin, I would want to know what law I was enforcing.  Apparently, it’s important enough a law to need me to threaten and thump my fellow citizens.  In fact, there must be a very, very important principle at stake to warrant cracking American heads on behalf of foreigners who were themselves in violation of the law by being in my country.

But, if it isn’t a law, isn’t it illegal to carry out an illegal order?

If it’s important as a general rule to enforce our laws even to the point of violence, why have I been prohibited from enforcing the law that would have restricted these people from crossing our national border in the first place?  Why have others been threatened and sued for attempting to enforce those laws?

For that matter, when did Congress decide that rapists and murderers should be released from prison without serving their sentences if they are illegal aliens?  What’s the name or number of that federal law? 

Under what law are unaccompanied children lured a thousand miles to a country where they don’t speak the language, to be thrown into crowded quarters with carriers of highly infectious scabies, strep infections, and tuberculosis?  What loathsome excuse for a legislature would enact laws to enable and encourage such a Children’s Crusade, and then claim moral ascendency and superior compassion by warehousing and medicating their victims at the expense of the very citizens that consistently demanded the borders be protected and immigration laws be strictly enforced to prevent the catastrophe? 

What law is it that requires busloads of those children to be sent into the middle of a situation considered so dangerous by my superiors that I am suiting up in riot gear in anticipation? 

Is it just me, or does this situation smell more like lawlessness than law enforcement?  And if it’s not a law, then just who DREAMed up this disaster? 

Finally, I would wonder, if I end up in court because my actions today are seen to violate some other law, who will stand with me?  Do I count on the Liberals who have always been angry with me, or the Conservatives who soon will be?

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