Obama Heads to Texas

Barack Obama will be in Texas this week to pick up some more payola from his fat cat Democrat friends. He’ll attend fundraisers in Dallas and Austin followed by a speech on the economy at the Paramount Theater so he can stick the taxpayers for the travel bill.

But according to his top men, he won’t be hugging any lice-ridden children staying at makeshift shelters on the border.

Both his Department of Homeland(DHS) and Press Secretary were asked if Obama would check out the “humanitarian crisis” on the Texas-Mexico border. You know, the place where Border Patrol agents are changing diapers instead of stopping illegals from entering the United States.

DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson told David Gregory on Sunday :

The president can't be everyplace he'd like to be, or even should be.

Press Secretary Josh Earnest stated:

… the president is very aware of the situation that exists on the southwest border…if there are any changes to the schedule, we’ll let you know.

Earnest assured the press corps Obama is all over it. How? He has sent senior White House officials to check out the “troubling illegal migration” situation.

This in-your-face “what difference does it make” hubris on the part of the whole administration is getting pretty tiresome. Especially when Obama intends to ask Congress for $2 billion in emergency spending to fix the situation. 

Fed-up Americans of all colors are fighting back against this insanity. Residents of Lawrenceville here in Virginia said “No” to using their small town as a dumping ground for illegal minors. The feds got the message. Now Murrieta, California citizens are standing up against organized groups like La Raza in order to stem the flow of illegals into their community.

And while the American people try and restore the rule of law to their towns and cities, Obama is rubbing it in by attending a fundraiser at the Austin home of none other than Mexican director Robert Rodriguez.

Rodriguez directed the movie “Machete” which ends with the glorious murder of those opposed to illegal immigration.

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