Obama is shameless, plain shameless on immigration reform

President Obama just got checked again by The Supreme Court.  I'm talking about Hobby Lobby and the "union dues" decision.   This is on top of the 9-0 slap last week over recess appointments. Yesterday, President Obama went out and shamelessly discussed immigration. He admitted that there won't be any kind of immigration reform this, and more than likely not in his second term.   It's over. The Washington Post reported on what he did: "According to the White House statement, Obama will now direct Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson to beef up border security.    “Protecting public safety is and will remain a top priority, and we will continue to focus on removing those who have committed serious crimes from our interior,” the statement said. “But we will redirect other resources to make sure we keep doing what it takes to keep our border...(Read Full Post)