No Wendy Davis at Obama's appearances in Texas

President Obama came to Texas but Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis did not show up:

"Davis didn’t appear with the president during his two-day visit to Texas, careful not to appear too aligned with Obama or his policies while trying to win in a state that hasn’t elected a Democratic governor since 1990 and where disapproval of Obama is high."

She went further and criticized President Obama:

""Davis, the Democratic nominee for governor, stopped short of criticizing Obama but expressed hope he would make time for a border visit.   

“It’s one thing to hear the number. It’s another thing to see for yourself the people — thousands — who are coming across,” she said.   

She spoke to reporters in Austin just blocks from where Obama later spoke about the economy at the Paramount Theatre."

Davis' absence confirms two points:

1) this chaos on the border is toxic for the Obama administration; and,

2) the core Democrat groups are concerned that we are spending too much time and resources on these kids. 

For example, an African American woman in Houston expressed her anger about the money and time devoted to these kids.   See the video

We can conclude that all of those plans to turn Texas blue may have to wait a bit longer.  


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