It's official: Mexico facilitating illegal alien invasion of US by minors

In a very underreported story, the Mexican government inked an agreement with Guatemala that would assist citizens from Guatemala in transiting Mexico to get to the US border.

Jerome Corsi highlights the 5 areas of cooperation that will make the journey from Guatemala to the US safer:

1. Mexico established for the Central American migrants transiting through Mexico a new Mexican-government issued “Regional Visitor Card” that instructs the Mexican National Institute of Migration to recognize the holder as having been granted by the Mexican government the right to a “temporary stay” in Mexico. The purpose of the “Regional Visitor Card” is to grant Central American migrants entering Mexico across the border with Guatemala enough time and legal status to complete their journey to the United States.

2. Mexico plans to open 10 new border crossing checkpoints on the border with Guatemala and two more on the border with Belize to function as “Comprehensive Care Centers for Border Transit,” designed to register the Central American migrants with Mexican immigration authorities and to issue “Regional Cards” as part of a formal government processing allowing migrants from Central America to transit into Mexico on an official basis.

3. Mexico has decided to expand throughout the country the five medical care units originally established in Chiapas to give medical aid and temporary shelter to Central American migrants transiting through Mexico, with special attention given to unaccompanied minors.

4. Mexico has decided to create a new “Office for the Coordination of Comprehensive Social Services for Migrants on the Southern Border” to be attached to the Ministry of the Interior, tasked with coordinating interagency Mexican government efforts to provide humanitarian care and assistance provided by the Mexican government to migrants crossing the border with Guatemala, so as to guarantee respect for the human rights of the migrants.

5. Mexico pledged to continue playing an active role working with international organizations to participate in conferences organized to promote legal immigration, including continued sponsorship of forums including Mexico’s National Conference on Migration.

This is a decidedly unfriendly act by Mexico and Guatemala. It is an active conspiracy to violate the laws of a neighboring country by facilitating the passage of people who both government know have no intention of staying in Mexico and will illegally cross the border of the US.

I haven't found any reaction to this agreement from our state department or the administration, which isn't surprising. Their nightmare involves kids being killed trying to enter the US illegally so anything that makes it safer for the children to come here they probably support.

I suppose it was too much to expect both countries to agree on how to keep the Guatemalans home. We await agreements between Mexico and El Salvadore and Honduras which is where 97% of the illegal alien children are coming from.

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