How the Media Uses Appeal to Emotion to Distract from Issues

With the help of Glenn Beck, the left wing media has managed to turn the attention away from why the illegal children are crossing our borders in droves. The focus on the reported diseases that they are bringing with them, not to mention the cost to the taxpayer, has been replaced with how we should put our partisan politics aside and remember that these are poor innocent children. The Liberals and the mainstream media are very successful when it comes to appealing to the emotions of the average citizen. The media uses this ploy repeatedly when it needs to switch the focus off the fundamental issue at hand.

The first step in the process is to create a false premise.  The White House and the media created the false premise that the children are crossing the border illegally to escape Central America’s violence. According to a Fox News report, the real reason for the sudden influx is misperceptions about U.S. immigration policy. Nonetheless, it appears the majority of the American citizens have accepted the false premise. With the premise cemented in the minds of the citizenry, the media can now use it to pound our emotions. Glenn Beck  has said that we must open our hearts to the illegal children. His statement implies that our hearts otherwise would be closed to suffering children.

Apparently, the safety of illegal kids are more important to the White House than American kids living in the gang-infested neighborhoods in the inner cities. A black female from Maryland called the Laura Ingraham show complaining about Obama ignoring the plight of the poor black kids trapped in gang-besieged neighborhoods. She was upset over the white house’s request for 3.8 billion dollars to house the illegal children and asked, 'Where Can I Get Asylum?' 

The Democrats and the mainstream media (I repeat myself) have used both the false premise and the appeal to emotions on every issue that we have faced over the past several years. The tactic is to attach a hot emotional button to every issue to get the public on their side. The following is an example of a few of the issues:

The Democrats cannot win on facts or the substance of the issues so they employ tactics (with the assistance of the media) to appeal to the emotions of individuals who lack critical thinking skills. The only way for citizens to get the fact on the issues is to visit conservative news sites. Once we know the facts, we must not allow ourselves to be distracted by emotional appeals.

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