Hilarious: lefty flips out over billboard explaining consequences of $15 minimum wage

The left-leaning tech blog Pando seems to be angry about a lot of aspects of reality.* Witness David Carr flipping out over this billboard that he spotted in San Francisco, “walking home from Pando’s office a few nights ago.”

photo: Paull Carr, Pando

The billboard just educates people about reality.  If you raise the cost of labor, then it becomes economical to replace labor with automation, in this case touch screens, which are declining in cost as labor prices itself out of the market through high minimum wages.

Seems pretty basic. But Carr goes a little nuts, throwing around words like “screwing,” and impugning a person linked to the billboard.  

Hey, reality bats last.

*see for instance, this: The techno-libertarians of Silicon Valley should think twice about aligning with climate deniers, which uses the discredited notion that polar bears are declining in number because of “global wamring” (that hasn’t happened for 17 years now). But hey, when you are fighting reality, you need to lie, call names, and manipulate emotions.

Hat tip: iOwnTheWorld.com

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