Begging for Some Enlightenment for Our Questionable President

There I was, listening to the radio whilst happily working in my shop, when the voice of the "the smartest president ever" abruptly interrupted my felicitude.  "The separatists," it said, “are removing evidence from the crash site – all of which begs the question: what exactly are they trying to hide?” And I thought, "God Help Him, he doesn't know what it means!”  In so doing, I begged three questions: that there is a God, that He is involved in our daily lives, and that He would be interested in helping Mr. Obama. Now, I acknowledge that I'm venturing into a quagmire (begging the question of quagmires being sticky and unpleasant places into which to wander), but shouldn't this "genius" know that "all of which begs the question" does not mean "all of which raises the question"? To beg the question is to assume an unstated premise in a statement or argument.  It does...(Read Full Post)