BBC to cut time for climate skeptics

Well, I suppose this is one way to keep the public informed - just as long as they are informed of how to think correctly about climate change. The BBC is sending its staffers to school in order to learn what the "consensus" is on climate change, while promising to cut back on views that don't comport with the BBC's. Daily Caller: The BBC Trust, which is the BBC’s governing body, published a new report on Thursday that says that Britain’s largest news organization has been giving “undue attention to marginal opinion” on certain controversial scientific issues, including man-made climate change. To combat what it calls a “false balance” on the issue, the trust’s report called for more BBC staffers to attend courses and seminars to help them learn how to bring their programming in line with what the BBC Trust accepts as the consensus view. According to the report, 200 senior BBC staffers have already attended...(Read Full Post)