Are you ready for a TB epidemic?

Is stupidity or malevolence behind the policy of distributing Central American illegal alien children around the country among the general population? The question must be asked because alarming numbers of these unfortunates are carrying tuberculosis, a lethal disease that had largely been eradicated from the United States. At the Chicago Boyz blog, Trent Talenko writes,  America’s Impending Tuberculosis Epidemic, which should scare the heck out of you, because it contains some serious epidemiological information. …this idea of TB positive illegal alien children released to illegal immigrant parents scares the heck out of me from the point of view of epidemiology. In the 1920’s TB was the eighth leading cause of death for children 1-to-4 years old. Since then American public health has been so effective in preventing it that the USA no longer has any “herd immunity” to TB. This “catch and release” illegal alien policy is...(Read Full Post)