Another Creative Example of Conservative Recycling

I must confess that I once knocked newspaper advice columnist, Heloise, flat on her butt. There was no intent to do so but we happened to intersect with our shopping carts in a Sam’s Club in San Antonio at precisely the wrong moment for that lovely lady. In any event, I did in fact knock her from her feet onto a low display of something in large, relatively soft burlap bags so that, thankfully, she suffered no injury. I helped her to her feet, apologizing profusely for my inattentiveness, and then went on my way. I knew who she was but I didn’t want get into any kind of celebrity slobbering thing with her. She was shopping for her family as was I and I had no intention of intruding on her private life. That said, Heloise had previously put one of my ideas in her column which in effect proved her advice in a prior column to be wrong. Earlier, she had stated unequivocally in one of her columns that all, absolutely all and every old toothbrush, must be destroyed because it...(Read Full Post)