Will Republicans Fail on the Bergdahl Affair?

It appears that many commentators are now agreed the Bergdahl deserted his post.  The gathering of additional information as to the circumstances of his desertion, if that is indeed what happened, is certainly critical. Among other issues, there is also the matter of addressing President Obama’s failure to consult Congress in advance of his releasing five high-powered terrorists in exchange for what looks to have been a deserter. Here is where it looks like Republicans may be about to drop the ball, although for perhaps not-so-obvious reasons. There are by now plenty of MSM pieces offering cover to Obama on the grounds that Bergdahl’s medical status necessitated urgent action from Obama (click here for Grey Lady coverage).  First impressions are as critical with respect to the effects of media representations as they are in much of the rest of daily life.  With the Bergdahl affair, we are still very much in the “first impression”...(Read Full Post)