Ukrainian separatists bring down military plane: 49 dead

With the world's attention focused on Iraq, it's easy to forget that the Ukrainian government is still trying to recapture territory taken by separatists. Some obsolete tanks rolled into southern Ukraine on Friday bound for use by the rebels. The Russian government denies they sent them - and they did it with a straight face. But a real escalation of the violence occurred yesterday when rebels shot down a military transport as it was attempting to land. Forty nine Ukrainians lost their lives in the attack. Reuters: "All those involved in cynical acts of terrorism of this magnitude must be punished," he said, declaring Sunday a day of mourning for the nine crew and 40 paratroopers killed. He later issued a separate statement saying he had called another meeting of his security chiefs for Monday, and that the armed forces had already intensified their operation - intended to prevent Ukraine breaking up. "For the sake of peace, we will act...(Read Full Post)