The Norfolk Hysteria

According to the Washington Post and the Natural Resources Defense Council, Norfolk, VA is going under water due to exponentially increasing rates of sea level rise coupled with more precipitation. Over at Watts Up With That?, Anthony Watts has already debunked the sea level rise hysteria for Norfolk. I'll tackle the precipitation side of the equation. WaPo claims the following for Norfolk: Bounded by the Chesapeake Bay and two rivers, sliced by coastal creeks, Norfolk has always been vulnerable to flooding. But over the past decade, people began noticing alarming trends. Hurricanes and nor'easters became more frequent and more damaging. The NRDC adds some related projections of doom: Under both higher and lower emissions scenarios, an increase in both the overall annual precipitation and precipitation intensity is projected [for Norfolk, Virginia] throughout the 21st century. If we believe the Post's claims, there are "alarming trends ......(Read Full Post)