The King Juan Carlos abdicates

King Juan Carlos' abdication was not really a shock.  He is in bad health and it was time to move on. His son, Principe Felipe will be the next King of Spain. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of monarchies. However King Juan Carlos was more than a monarch who lived a good life and rode around in elegance.   He was a central figure in Spain's transition from Franco to democracy, as explained by Terrance McCoy of The Washington Post: "Juan Carlos reigned during a time of profound change in Spain, as it transitioned from a dictatorship under Francisco Franco to a constitutional monarchy and open democracy. And he was a unifying figure in a country divided by regional tensions that spawned, among other things, an often violent Basque separatist movement.   He arrived like something out of a Disney movie and came to embody the hope of an entire nation. Young, handsome, brimming with ideas for the future and equipped with an...(Read Full Post)