The Absence of Guilt

Of all the scandals that have plagued this administration the IRS targeting of those with different viewpoints is the most disturbing.  Watergate was a hand grenade compared to the nuclear bomb this has become.  At least Richard Nixon had the decency to resign.  With regards IRS-Gate, not only do we have absolutely no accountability and justice, but the culprits display an endless stream of indignation and contempt.

Lois Lerner chose to invoke her Fifth Amendment rights which she enjoys only by the grace and sacrifice of many of the very same kinds of people she tried to deprive of their rights.. Barack Obama first claimed to have heard about the IRS targeting on the news, and then when signs began pointing to White House involvement, he went from outrage to dismissiveness. Suddenly it’s a phony scandal and there’s not a smidgen of corruption. An unprecedented wrong has taken place, but nobody’s at fault.  Nobody accepts blame.

Guilt is radiation to the soul and denial is a lead vest, but a lead vest cannot offer full protection from the fallout. So how do they live with themselves?

Criminally insane psychopaths who go on murderous rampages may have genetically predisposed ways of handling guilt or the lack thereof, but for the average person there is no escape. It lingers in the deepest recesses of the mind haunting our dreams and eroding our very being.  Most of us have experienced guilt and most of us have had to find resolution, usually in the form of remorse followed by atonement.  Otherwise, it becomes a dark cloud interfering with our inner peace and a heavy burden weighing us down.  We deal with it.  We fix the problem.  We make amends.  Yet, current and former members of this administration insist on dragging this abuse of power and subsequent cover-up out with one excuse after another, one delay after another, one lie after another.  For the average taxpayer watching things unfold from the sidelines there has been no absolution, at all.

We now strongly suspect from Congressional hearings, witness testimonies and incriminating documentation, as well as a vast array of circumstantial evidence that the IRS targeting was a concerted effort to silence the opposition during a presidential election involving high-ranking officials from several different government agencies.  This was not a slap in the face to law-abiding, trusting individuals who play by the rules; it was a crushing left hook to the jaw of mainstream America.

It is infuriating to anyone with an ounce of decency  that whenever any one of the guilty parties use money from their paychecks to order a pizza, fill up their gas tank, buy groceries and pay their mortgage, then these public servants who are and were employed at our behest continue to victimize their victims.  Those responsible are not living in isolation..  They are public figures.   Therefore, we can assume that some of the people in their lives do not vote for Democrats.  Those responsible work with, live with, eat with, and interact with their victims on a daily basis. They do this seemingly without the slightest inkling of shame.

How on earth is liberal ideology creating a better world when it’s done nothing but to divide and dismay so many?

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