No problems in the world so let's get the Redskins

It must be a Garden of Eden out there because the federal government has the time to go after the Redskins, known around Dallas as NFL enemy #1.
According to a "trademark" decision, the US government is now in the business of determining whether or not a team mascot discriminates against a group.
Who is next?  Will the Obama administration soon decide that American Thinker discriminates against Americans who don't think?
The decision is absurd and I hope that Mr Snyder, and fans all over, stand up against this nonsense.
The decision also comes at a time when there are so many problems on the president's desk.
In Iraq, The New York Times reports that the big oil refinery may be lost to terrorists.
Wonder what that will do to the price of gas the next time that the fans drive to the stadium to watch the Washington "whatever their new name" is?
Not surprising, a new poll is devastating to President Obama's job approval, as Chris Cilizza wrote:

"Fifty-four percent — let me repeat, 54 percent — said that Obama "cannot lead and get the job done," while just 42 percent said he could lead."

Of course, we do have time to go out after the Redskins.   Maybe this is why a majority of Americans now think that President Obama cannot lead.
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