Soccer haters unite! The game is un-American

As something more than a casual soccer fan, I've heard it all from the soccer haters in America who, for whatever reason, simply don't like the game. I've given up trying to convert them and now, acknowledge that for many Americans, soccer is not their cup of tea. So be it. But if you're going to try to convince a soccer fan that the game is un-American, it might be well to know a little something about the game. This detestable, and ignorant screed from Politico's Stephen Webb is riddled with falsehoods, inaccuracies, and downright stupidities as he tries to explain why soccer is supposedly so unpopular in America. Sports are a reflection of national character and aspirations, and it is no coincidence, I think, that soccer has had a hard time catching on in the United States. Simply put, soccer—call it “football” if you must—is a tragic game, and thus it cuts deeply against the grain of the American ethos. Americans are an...(Read Full Post)