Rep. Gutierrez: Immigration reform is dead

One of the biggest proponents of immigration reform in Congress says the issue is dead and it's up to President Obama to implement changes using executive orders. Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez wants Obama to unilaterally halt deportations and take other executive action since the GOP refuses to bring the bill to the floor of the House. Politico: In a fiery floor speech Wednesday, the Illinois Democrat – the leading congressional advocate on the issue – declared the prospects for reform dead this year and said the only option left is for President Barack Obama to take unilateral action to stem deportations. Using an analogy from the World Cup, Gutierrez said he had already given a “yellow card” to the House GOP as a warning that if they continued to drag their feet on immigration reform, Obama would move on deportation relief on his own. Gutierrez had called on Republicans to produce immigration reform legislation before the Fourth of July...(Read Full Post)