Mainstream media fleeing Obama

I've always thought of the editorial slant of the NYDN as a sort of NY Times for the working class, so this is very harsh from a usually liberal source. (Image, story and editorial linked at Instapundit). Editors know their readers. The paper that is most widely read on Chicago's South Side is also a tabloid, the Chicago Sun Times.  Here is what an op-ed in that paper concluded about the Bergdahl trade.  The greatest offense here may not be to our security but to our intelligence. The White House has attempted to present this trade as some sort of victory. The president held a Rose Garden ceremony to tout his accomplishment in bringing home an American fighting man. Rice claims that Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction.” Either they are lying and hoping few will learn the real story about Bergdahl, or they really believe that such a misguided fool was honorable. Which, I wonder, is worse? I suspect the Daily News readership...(Read Full Post)