'Fatigued' Obama Doesn't Need Congress

Politico has published a disturbing account of the president and his plans for the next two years in a piece entitled “The Obama Paradox.”  Once again, Obama is the innocent bystander, bullied by his enemies and isolated through no fault of his own.  Politico’s portrayal of Obama as the eternal victim is an effective ploy.  With the media behind him, he can proclaim that the Republicans are picking on him and that the only way to stop them is to take matters into his own hands. The president’s political world is more and more beyond his command. Instead, it is driven by Republicans in Congress, potentially power-shifting Senate races in states where Obama isn’t welcomed to campaign, and to speculation centered on Hillary Clinton’s agenda — not his own. According to Politico, Obama also told aides that “losing the Senate to Republicans would make his last two years unbearable[.] … 'I don’t...(Read Full Post)