The Sooner State is not Drying Up

Over at Mother Jones, an article claims that "the Sooner State in [sic] drying up, but its leaders are trying to block climate science education." Perhaps some spelling education is needed. I would guess the piece intended to claim that the Sooner State (a.k.a., Oklahoma) is drying up due to catastrophic anthropogenic climate change. According to Mother Jones, "Oklahoma is known for its indigenous climate denial," because "as much as any state in the US, Oklahoma is a victim of climate change." Sounds tragic. Interesting claim that Oklahoma is "drying up" because it "is a victim of climate change." Here is some news. The Sooner State has a statistically significant increasing -- not decreasing -- trend in annual precipitation since records begin in 1895. That would be the complete opposite of "drying up." There is absolutely no trend in precipitation since 1970. There are no negative trends in annual...(Read Full Post)