The Quiet Sesquicentennial of the War between the States

Not much media coverage, not much fanfare, not much reflection.  A war that carved over 600,000 lives from the nation when the nation’s population was just 31 million.  To compare, that would equate to a loss of life in today’s population statistics, not to mention limb and injury, of circa 6 million. We are in the month of May, when 150 years ago Grant crossed the Rapidan to engage Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia.  Lee stood atop Clark’s Mountain and watched this unknown (to the eastern theatre) entity lead a massive army into Lee’s home state.  Soon there would be the Wilderness, where forest and brushfires would consume the wounded and dying.  Days later, the battle of Spotsylvania ensued, in which hand-to-hand combat would last nearly 12 hours.  Trading casualties one for one and rejecting previous prisoner exchange and parole procedures, Grant pushed on, to the left flank.  The Battle of the North Anna,...(Read Full Post)