The Dems' plot to control America rolls on

Harry Reid’s nuclear option has caused a lot of damage -- and the worst is yet to come. In March, I wrote a piece entitled “Obama and the Democrats Plot to Control America,” detailing actions they have taken to cement a legacy of leftism that will impact America for years to come. One of those tactics was Senate Majority Leader’s use of the “nuclear option” to confirm federal judges by a simple majority of Senators, neutering the long-established role of the filibuster, enabling minorities to check the power of the majority to place nominees into positions of power. Democrats have used the filibuster to check Republicans when they have been in power, and both Harry Reid and Barack Obama have publicly extolled the value of the filibuster as a key aspect of democracy. But then they decided it was an impediment to their power grab and threw it into the dustbin of history. Once that occurred, Reid and the Democrats went into overdrive to...(Read Full Post)